Welcome to The Sun Cafe

Born in /how-to-remove-comments-in-word a conversation between two old friends, the Sun Café idea was always an amalgam of the ethic of the Building Lives apprenticeship school, and the need for a café restaurant in the beautiful courtyard which hides behind the old municipal Victoriana of Havil Street Camberwell. (“Not Peckham”, as I’m regularly reminded).

The very first time I saw the space I believed in its potential, and now we’re open I’m so pleased that our neighbours and friends in the area seem to like the look and feel of the room, and are enjoying our daytime café and evening pizza menus. So far we’ve been very lucky with some pretty good salad-and-pizza weather which is always a pleasure, particularly if it’s on the same table as glass of chilled rosé or a rather splendid beer from our favourite Peckham slater.com geometry brewery.

Steve and the Sun Café team